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Perfect fit for Sumig Weld-1 Fume Extractor

Recommended amperage range: Up to 300A

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  • Remove Welding Fumes right at the source.
  • Best results for welders' health.
  • Increase your welding space by not needing suction arms and hoses.
  • Stop worrying about moving fume extraction arms.
  • Lightest Weight versus competitors.
  • Ergonomic handle with swivel cable connection allow easier manipulation.

All Sumig MIG Guns and Torches are specially designed and manufactured to give you the best weld results with less stress.

- Ergonomic Handle, providing greater comfort and light weight

- Specially designed handle-to-cable joints to allow superior manipulation and reduce stress on welders joint

- Interchangeable power pins for most popular wire feeders. No adaptors required

- USA made cable that offers superior abrasion resistance and current capacity

- Multiple Goosenecks lengths, angles and styles available

- 30-day Hassle free return policy. Love it or return it

- 1 Year Warranty for defective parts and LIFETIME warranty for Handle and trigger switch.